“Lucifer” versus Odin: The Aftermath (or, “Pop culture paganism, anyone?”)

Ein absolut lesesnwerter Artikel, der wiederum auf zwei weitere sehr lesenswerte Artikel verweist.


This are very interesting topics, because I have experiences with similar things and trends in my own relationships (with the Gods). One day Apollon decided to let me define who He was, He wanted me to give Him a new name because „Apollon“ seemed to have become meaningless at this point.
And when I started to work with Jove, one of the first things He did was taking off His names (Jove, Jupiter, Zeus) and inviting me to give Him a new one, that was no longer compromised by old stories. The same thing happened to me with Hera. That was very interesting.

The Wytch of the North

I want to pause here, before we go on, and call your attention to two outstanding blog posts from the past week by others who have been through the same sort of spiritual shift or spiritual crisis (depending on your point of view) as I’ve been discussing. Camilla from Foxglove and Firmitas ponders the terrifying, heart-wrenching and wondrous process that occurs when a long-loved god takes Their name away from you, and also points out that some of the gods we love never had names, or have forgotten them and are waiting for us, Their devotees, to learn new ones for Them. Meanwhile, Heather Freysdottir from Where Flowers Grow Amidst the Ashes discusses how some very ancient (and possibly nameless) gods are picking up pop culture names and identities for Themselves to make contact with loved ones They may have no other means of reaching. Both of these posts are…

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